About Us

Welcome to the official web page of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MOAD). Agriculture is one of the major sector of our economy, as it provides livelihood to 66%(percent) population and contributes 33%( percent) to total GDP. The MOADbears the overall responsibility for the growth and development of this sector.

Our Vision
“High, Broad-based, Sustainable Agricultural Development”

Our Mission
“To modernize agriculture for enhancing productivity, enable and empower the farmers for socioeconomic well-being and promotion of agricultural business in an integrated and sustainable way”

Our Objectives
Reduce Poverty by increasing production, productivity and income in the agricultural sector and contribute to food and nutritional security.
Contribute to the sustainable production and growth by adoptive research and development of technology to used in agriculture, protect and use of agro-biodiversity and balance the environment by reducing pollution from the use of external inputs.
Develop internal market and promote export opportunities by promoting agro- based industries and enterprises with the participation of cooperatives and private sectors.

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