WTO Study Center in Agriculture


Nepal became the 147­­­th member and first member among Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in World Trade Organization (WTO) after 14 years long accession processing on 24 April 2004. Nepal has been liberalizing its economy as per spirit of WTO and since the accession Nepal has adjusted many legal and policy provision to comply WTO texts. The accession on WTO has not only opened the door of opportunities but also has forced for many challenges for LDCs like Nepal. Though almost spending a decade on WTO as member, Nepalese economy can not realize the betterment as dreamed during applying for member. The major hindrance in negation in WTO was felt to be limited understanding and less focus on agricultural issues over custom issues. Thus, it is essential to exercise more on understanding the agreement on agriculture and related of WTO which subsequently enhanced the Negotiation Capacity of Nepal in WTO for driving more benefit from Multilateral Trading System (MTS) and Regional Trade Areas like South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA).


The general objective of the program is to enhance the understanding and negotiation capacity of Nepalese stakeholders on Agreement of Agriculture and related of World Trade Organization (WTO).

Specific Objective:

  1. Establishment of WTO Study Room at Ministry of Agricultural Development
  2. Organization of Talk Program and Presentation on Agriculture related issues in WTO
  3. Publication of WTO Journal on Agriculture

Methodology and Modality

The program will operate in Public Private Partnership (PPP). Government will provide space for establishment of WTO Study Room and will support some stationery and books for the Study Room. The program will seek help from Private sectors and donor ageneses for study materials and equipment for sophisticated study room. The WTO Study Room will be equipped with internet and latest journals, books and other publication related to the WTO and global economies. The human resources required for WTO Study Room will be fulfilled by government of Nepal and private sector jointly. The WTO Study Room will organize talk program and paper presentation on Agreement on Agriculture and Related of WTO and other Regional Agreement focusing on improvement of Nepalese position on world trade through Multilateral Trading System and bilateral agreement on fortnight basis or monthly basis. The nominal payment for paper presenter (may be Rs. 500 per paper) may be provided by private sector. The presented paper will be published in annual or half annual journal by Ministry of Agricultural Development or jointly with private sector.



  1. Ministry of Agricultural Development
  2. Ministry of Commerce and Supply
  3. Ministry of Industries
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Ministry of Law and Justices
  6. Nepal Agriculture Research Council
  7. Department of Agriculture
  8. Department of Livestock Services
  9. Department of Food Technology and Quality Control
  10. Agro-Enterprise Centre, FNCCI
  11. Academicians from Universities


  1. Biannual meeting among stakeholder
  2. Biannual paper presentation by experts on current issues of AoA, TRIPS, and related of  WTO
  3. Market Research
  4. Publication of tri-monthly proceeding
  5. Publication of journal on personated papers

Organizational Structure

  1. Stakeholder forum will be chaired by Joint-Secretary of Agribusiness Promotion and Statistics Division, MoAD
  2. WTO Section of MoAD will act as secretariat of this program


Introduction to the WTO Study Center in Agriculture Download

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