Ministry of Agricultural Development is one of the biggest organizations. The MOAD as an organization embraces four Departments, three Boards and a Council, and four institutions and companies. The ministry has five divisions and three centers (including NARDF). The five divisions are Planning Division, Monitoring & Evaluation Division, Agribusiness Promotion and Statistics Division, Gender Equity and Environment Division and Administrative Division. The three centers are Agriculture Information and Communication Center, Seed Promotion and Quality Control Center and National Agricultural Research and Development Fund.

Planning Division
Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Agribusiness Promotion and Statistics Division
Gender Equity and Environment Division
Administration Division
Agricultural Information and Communication Center
Seed Promotion and Quality Control Center
National Agriculture Research and Development Fund

Department of Agriculture
Department of Livestock Services
Department of Food Technology and Quality Control

Boards and Councils
Nepal Agriculture Research Council
National Dairy Development Board
National Tea & Coffee Development Board

Corporations and Industries
Livestock Food Production Development Committee
Agricultural Lime Industry
Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market Development Committee
Cotton Development Committee
Chandra Dangi Seed And Dairy Development Committee
Agriculture Inputs Company Limited
National Seed Company Limited
Dairy Development Corporation